Experience Matters?… Not So Much. #IThinkNot

So this was a reply to a post on a political candidate running for the gubernatorial seat in Utah. Here’s that message I left: “I LOVE how almost EVERY POLITICIAN proclaims that “Experience matters” except the ones that are trying to get in. If “experience” mattered so much, why do we have so many sucky politicians STILL in office after DECADES of ineffectiveness? Not knocking on Huntsman, but this “experience” line is one of the very things that’d make me not want to vote for someone. How about leadership, cooperation, decisiveness, or maybe integrity matters? I never hear a politician say that about themselves, only to use it as a negative against their opponents – implying that their opponent somehow lacks those qualities.
Experience matters? Sure, if we’re talking about sucking at your job? Then yes, it matters!
This is as bad as the too-often coined phrase, “I’, [Insert NAME here], and I approve this message!”
Put up or shut up! #ProveIt” I truly have nothing against this Huntsman guy, but I DO have everything against the tired-old line, “Experience Matters.” I mean like “COME ON!” Stop shoveling that crap in a campaign as if you’re so much better than your candidate because you use cheesy cliche words. Get real. I’m so tired of the cliche campaigns, even more so than the negative campaigning! Say something different. Say something that shows people a TRUE difference between YOU and your competing cohorts that resonate more than that you approve some message or the implication of somehow you’re more experienced than the next joe/jane. Experience CAN be a bad thing, too. #imjussayin

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