I Can’t Stand The Duopoly

Just putting this out there, I’m not voting for Trump. It’s not happening. Democrats, slow your roll, too. I’m not voting for Biden, either. If anything, I’d vote for Trump over Biden on the basis of political views, but rest assured I’m not voting for your “Agent Orange,” “Tuck Frump,” or some other not-so-clever nickname for the current POTUS.

I got nothing major against Trump other than the fact that he’s NOTHING like the other 44 presidents behind him. Didn’t really care for the guy, but if Pence was running, I’d choose him over Trump. Do I think he’s made some economic changes that have helped the economy? Without citing examples, yes, I do. Would I rather see him in office than Hilary or Joe? Yep.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want to say, “Well, I’d rather…” or “If I had to choose between…” because that’s the very thing that makes me want to NOT vote. Neither side has adequately addressed my concerns for what I see needing in a representative for me — let alone, the highest office. That was a BIG reason why I nearly didn’t vote in 2016 — all the good candidates (Republican AND Democrat) either gave up or were unceremoniously forced to “suspend” their campaigns. Why can’t there be a candidate/party on either side that doesn’t force you to conform to something that you may or may not believe?

Democrats are big on social issues (or that’s what they want you to believe), but they want a BIG government to do it with. Republicans you to keep more of your money (again, that’s what they want you to believe — and it’s a lie), but they’re being heavily into forcing Christian values back into a public system.

At some point, people like me have to say, “Enough is enough.” The average voter deserves better, and the duopoly is killing real progress for our country. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for another Democrat OR Republican, with the system rigged as it is.

Ted Cruz best said it at the 2016 Republican Nomination Convention when he “failed” to endorse Trump, but rather gave a plea to his party — and that was to vote your conscience. I have since taken that mantra and have done everything I can then and now to help others do the same.

Yeah, Trump will more than likely get reelected, but he’ll have to do it without my vote.

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