President-Elect Joe Biden

Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images As of noon Salt Lake City time, the news reports have declared that Joe Biden is the projected winner of the election – with an electoral number that is north of 270. Though I know that Trump will more than likely contest the votes, I am okay (unless something is proven, otherwise) to say congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden for his win. Does that mean I like him? Hell no. I still think he’s a bad option for this country (like Trump is/was). but that is neither here nor there right now. The people have spoken, and we’re ready to move in a different direction. America is dealing with a pandemic like no other, and our economy is getting destroyed by the minute. We need a leader that’ll take the reigns and UNITE people for a singular purpose – to make America great again. We need a president that’ll restore hope to the individuals, the families, the communities, and the nation. We are individuals that have various things we want to accomplish in our own endeavors, but we need a leader that’ll work to make that come to pass (whether it be a Republican, a Democrat, or whomever). Joe Biden has already declared that he’ll be a president for all – including those that didn’t vote for him. Let’s hold him to that. It’s easy to come right out of the gate and declare that he’s “not my president” and all (I so wanted to), but that does nothing but goes to divide a nation even more so. So for now, I’ll do my best to give him all the support I can, measured with calling him out on clear violations of freedom. There’s a time and place for criticism, so let’s put a pause on that, and let’s move forward in the hopes of clarity and resolve for our nation. This is not an endorsement for Joe Biden; rather, this is my attempt to give him an opportunity to be a leader that this country needs – a presidential, and effective one. My condolences go out to President Donald Trump and his family for the political loss, and I wish him well in the next endeavor.

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