I’m A Right-Leaning-Libertarian…

To cut through the BS of what is true, what is false, and what is just an opinion, I feel the need to start with myself. What is it that I believe, and what is it that I’m seeking out.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I make no bones in the fact that I lean more conservative than centrist – not going to change that mentality. My morals are a significant part of my ideology. Where I do my best to check myself is the line between what I think is right morally and what is perhaps best overall for the common person. There’s almost no absolute right way that everyone should conduct themselves in a “one size fits all” type of policy. One thing that can be measured is a baseline agreement between nations, creeds, sexes, economic classes, and so on. The more we can eliminate policies that might be morally right for one and hinder another, the better chance we have to make progress.

How Much Government Is Too Much?

The other thing we can do is find what role our government has in any given issue, and determine whether it’s enough, needs to be more involved, or to be scaled back. I believe that the more minimal we can make government, the better our individual lives can be.

It’s My Way, Or Prison

This is an issue that I see coming from both Republicans and Democrats when I thought it was a leftist issue – the desire to use government to usurp power over one group for the benefit of another. For instance, Republicans tend to be pro-life and will push for legislation that’ll make the procedure illegal, while Democrats tend to want to take firearms (or the ability to own them) out of the hands of law-abiding citizens; they would rather have the government be the ultimate authority over the usage of weapons. Both parties are using the government to push a policy that benefits their agenda. In my opinion, this is wrong.

Live Life  On Your Own Terms

I’m not saying that my way is right, but I am saying that this need for control from one group to another is nothing new. It’s been fought for centuries. At the end of the day, I honestly feel that people want to (and should) live their lives according to their own dictates. Their ideas somehow get lost in the shuffle of ideologies that sound good in theory, but bad in practice. The practice of one’s beliefs has to start with the individual – not some overhead entity, and the laws of the land should closely reflect the delegation of freedoms and responsibilities back to the individual.

Get To Know Me

More than anything, I would like to discuss more effective ways to make government better for not only the nation, but for those within the borders. If you have a comment you’d like to share, leave it down below, or drop me a line.  

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