As We Approach 2021…

So there’s nothing of a review in this post – just getting in a few last words. This election year has been brutal, especially with the issue of COVID19 taking center stage. It seems like the election might’ve turned out differently, had it not been an issue. But who’s to say, one way or another – what’s done is done. What can be said is now that its over, people will settle into their regular lives, once again. Christmas has passed, COVID looks like a vaccine is on the horizon, and Biden will become president as of January 2021. So what’s going to change, or even be different? Not much, from what I can tell. Life as we currently see it will continue to be in a holding pattern. The economy will continue to take a beating until we can get back to some sort of normalcy. People will forget about November and the collective choice we all made – outside of the bitching about who won, and who should’ve won. If there’s one thing I would, say that I could personally take away and learn from is this – people need to be TRULY woke before the next election cycle. We can’t keep dismissing third parties any longer. Also, we need to educate people about ranked-choice voting and gerrymandering – two issues that I believe can change the political game. But why should people care? We are too busy trying to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We have no time to watch our elected officials. That’s why we should be invested more so. The trend is growing more and more with each election cycle (especially the presidential cycles) that people are being polarized into voting one way or the other, with no middle ground to look to. I believe we are more alike than different; yet, the politicians would have us play one another, as if it was a sporting event. Our nation deserves better! What can you do? Well, it’s simple. Engage your family and friends in some real talk about politics. If it gets a little heavy, it’s ok. If it gets too much, then agree to disagree, or put a pin-cushion on the topic for another time. Whatever and however you handle it, get and keep the conversation going. We do not want to end up here again in 2024 to play catch-up, only to be railroaded by political smear campaigns, then left unsatisfied with the less-than-mediocre outcome. Let’s make our representatives accountable by making  ourselves more engaged. The new election cycle has already started. Let’s show them who’s really in charge!

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