Facebook Is Fake Woke

I was originally going to write a longer blog on this subject, but the issue is not worth the time or effort in making. So you’re getting a highly abbreviated version of what I was going to write about. I can’t stand Facebook. It’s been a pain in the butt to be on for some time now. But as of late, the platform has really shown how much of a pompous ass it is. I’ll explain.

How It All Started

A few weeks ago, my cousin made a post on Facebook about how black people should really look into getting therapy – how it was good for your mind. Being my joking self, I chimed in with my own personal experience, but with a pun of sorts, to start with. I said in a reply to his post, “black folk be crazy… too.” and Facebook took the comment down. Facebook cited that it was “hate speech.” Hate speech? Really? Me, a black man, making a comment about my own race – and partly about myself, and it’s hate speech? Facebook is the worst kind of “woke” stupid. And I dare say they are racist, too. They’re racist because not only did they censor my HARMLESS comment, but I can easily point to multiple posts where they do not censor the use of the “N” word. I took screenshots, but I chose not to use them in this post.

Facebook: Never Wrong?

The bottom line is social media outlets like Facebook routinely get it wrong. And when you try to call them out on it, they outright deny that their policy is faulty. They make up some BS jargon of excuses of how they work to make their system better, but they don’t.


At this point, I am really wanting to migrate away from the platform, altogether. I currently use Twitter and Instagram alongside Facebook, but I really want to find a good alternative to Facebook. The problem is most people are on Facebook. And despite their own issues with the platform, they aren’t willing to leave. I think this is one of those times where one has to lead the charge in migrating away from the giant and take a stand against it’s erroneous practices. So I am on the lookout for the next best thing. If there’s an alternative social media platform that you’d recommend, leave me a comment, and I can check it out. Thanks for reading my blog.

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