COVID Vaccine Shots: Worth It Or Not?

We are late into 2021 and we’re supposed to be done with the coronavirus, or at least closer to done. Yet, our government can’t even seem to get facts straight. Earlier this year, they supposedly found a cure for the vaccine and encouraged everyone to get the shots. I got mine earlier this year, as well as millions of others. Seemingly, it worked…. supposedly. Now, the same government tells us that despite getting the vaccine shot, we need to still wear masks anywhere we go. I got the vaccine shot because I didn’t want to wear a mask, nor get tested ever so often. And it’s painfully frustrating when said government tells you one thing and does another. But this is nothing new – the government is always doing this crap. If the vaccine was to cure the virus and to keep wearing a mask, why do we need to wear a mask now? If you’re vaccinated, it makes no sense. Either the “science” works or it doesn’t. And if it does not, then it was a total lie. Why would I trust anything else the government said regarding the vaccine? I’d really like to know, and I’m not the only one.

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