Twitter Communities: Not So Inclusive

Twitter has a major issue when it comes to inclusion. They’ve implemented some new concepts – one of which is #TwitterCommunities.

Several people I know (myself included) have applied to do our own communities, but there’s been a #chinesewall of sorts that have kept us out of the sub-platform.

Seemingly, if you have any point of view that isn’t leftist, liberal, or apolitical, your chances of being a part of any such community is slim to none.

Yes, Twitter has the right to allow or deny any user a voice on any part of their platform, but it sets an inconsistent and dangerous precedent as to promoting free speech. Some content shouldn’t have a voice – I would agree with, but to silence or “shadow ban” content that is merely an opposing viewpoint is flat-out wrong.

If Twitter wants to be seen as a leftist-only platform, then why not just say so. It is deceitful to promote free speech on a platform when you clearly mute or silence all but one side of the viewpoints.

I’ll continue to make my voice heard on this and any other platforms until they shut myself and others like me down. But best believe, if that day comes, you’ll hear it from me, first.

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