The Duopoly Doesn’t Work. It’s Time For a Change

The social media giants are making no bones as to what their agenda is – to silence any and ALL conservatives.

They see conservatives as bumpkin terrorists without even a single brain cell to logically converse with.

For that reason, I think I’d rather post more on alternative sites like Gab, Parler, and similar sites that SOMEWHAT believes in free speech.

Granted, I’ll run into more of the Trump fangirl types than people who want a coalition of progress. Both parties are bad, but even more so now, they’re blatantly distancing from the center – claiming party loyalty above everything else.

This is NOT the America that I believe in. The time has long been here that we as individuals and citizens need to either choose to vote for third parties, or vote completely independently.

Either way. I urge you to follow the words of Senator Ted Cruz, and vote your conscience.

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