An Ally For Liberty

If you’re an advocate of freedom and autonomy of oneself, then consider me your ally. #TheLeft & #RightWing Conservatives proclaim liberty, but each has a wicked blindside. For #Democrats, it’s vax mandates. For #Republicans, it’s anti-abortion. In either case, an individual can still be FOR vaccines and anti-mandates, as well as being pro-life but politically pro choice. To be for liberty and autonomy, you’d need to put aside your moral beliefs to allow someone their own sovereignty of body and soul. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t encourage or discourage their choice. Just that you would not want the government interfering on your behalf to take away someone else’s rights. Liberty and freedom are too important to sacrifice either “for the greater good” or for any political party’s sustenance. The biggest minority that we still need to protect is the individual. When we respect that, liberty can be strengthened and can prosper.   Be sure to check my new podcast called “the ejforliberty podcast” Available on Apple, Spotify, and other places soon.

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